Epley Omniax System

Trinity Hearing & Balance Center has added the Epley Omniax System to its arsenal of diagnostic and treatment options for patients suffering from dizziness associated with inner ear disorders. Trinity Hearing & Balance Center is the first Center in Florida to install the System since its commercial launch and one of just a handful of clinics worldwide to offer this paradigm-shifting computerized technology.

Invented by Dr. John Epley (developer of the now-common “Epley Maneuver” for treating Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) the Omniax System is the first device to offer caregivers the ability to effectively detect, differentiate, treat and manage balance and dizziness disorders. According to Vesticon, the company which developed and markets the system, some 15 million Americans in any given year suffer from vestibular-related vertigo. Unlike existing technologies in the vestibular field which typically provide only a general assessment, the Omniax System allows the audiologist to rule in and rule out various causes of vertigo. This, in turn, allows for more precise treatment, with a significantly greater chance of success.
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“As most physicians and audiologists specializing in dizziness know, the current standard of care for BPPV is a manually applied Epley Maneuver on an exam table,” said Kelly Hansen, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Trinity Hearing & Balance Center. “However we are now realizing that many cases are not as straightforward as we once thought.”

Dr. Hansen explained that, often, cases require sophisticated monitoring and maneuvering with several attempts to clear the vertigo, sometimes leading to nausea and vomiting. Additionally, there are many types of vestibular vertigo, not just the kind caused by particles in the semi-circular canals. Existing table maneuvers can be successful in treating these disorders only some of the time.

“The Omniax System is the first technology that allows us to differentiate between the various types of vestibular vertigo, as well as to diagnose and treat BPPV, the most common form,” Dr. Hansen said. “With this tool we will now be able to do much more to help all our patients with vestibular disorders.”

The software-driven, patient-positioning system uses infrared video goggles to assist caregivers in analyzing the eye movement patterns, known as nystagmus, which are associated with vestibular disorders caused by loose particles (calcium stones or crystals) in the inner ear canals (the cause of BPPV) as well as non-particle positional vertigo. The Omniax System helps physicians identify the cause of dizziness by ruling in and ruling out various possibilities. If nystagmus is present, the Omniax analyzes its characteristics to determine the cause and appropriate intervention.
Epley Omniax software
When loose particles in the ear canals are contributing to the vertigo, the Omniax System makes it possible to pinpoint the location of the particles and provide the information needed for the caregiver to make treatment decisions. The system’s software gives the audiologist a precise record of the positions and eye movement readings to aid in monitoring progress and overall management of the patient. Its multi-axial rotational capability allows the caregiver to maneuver the particles out of the canals into an area of the ear that will not be irritated. The device is also well-suited for treatment of patients who pose maneuvering challenges, such those who are frail, obese, or disabled.

Having the Epley Omniax System will solidify Trinity Hearing & Balance Center as the greater Tampa Bay area’s Center for Excellence in the treatment of balance and dizziness disorders. Dr. Hansen, who has more than 18 years of experience, says her main purpose for opening Trinity Hearing & Balance Center was to provide a state-of-the-art facility for diagnosing and treating dizziness and balance disorders.

“The System keeps Trinity Balance and Hearing Center on the cutting edge of new technology in the field and it means we’ll be able to continue providing the best possible care for our patients who suffer from dizziness and balance problems,” Dr. Hansen proclaimed.

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