Our CDP Testing Room

What Is CDP and Why Is It Performed?

CDP is used to assess balance disorders utilizing a balance board. This test is often used to determine postural stability.

It measures a patient’s ability to maintain balance under varying conditions by testing all balance components of the body, including visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems.

This is performed in effort to isolate vestibular symptoms to a specific cause that can often be treated.

CDP compares your balance with age-related norms to determine if your balance is appropriate for your age.


The Three Sub-tests Performed in This Kind of Evaluation

Sensory Organization Test (SOT)

  • Aims to objectively observe postural stability
  • Assesses a person’s ability to properly use visual, vestibular and somatosensory inputs to maintain balance

Another view of our CDP room with a closer look at the diagnostic equipment

Adaptation Test (ADT)

  • Evaluates the body’s ability to alter motor responses and minimize body swaying when a surface changes under your feet
  • There are two conditions: toes up and toes down


Motor Control Test (MCT):

  • Determines your ability to be on your feet and how quickly you recover from unpredictable changes under your feet
  • This tests elicits a reflex postural response when a platform quickly moves forward and backward

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